Industrial, textile and agrifood solutions.
Triple layer coextrusion units designed to guarantee constant thickness to obtain perfect product winding, new generation max. 8-colour flexographic printing machinery (gearless technology) connected to the wide range of welders ensure the entire department's organisation highly innovative, targeted product design and implementation. Capp Plast bags are adopted in the industrial, textile and agrifood sectors. The extensive product range ensures high quality response to all demands. These products are made with virgin polyethylene mixtures formulated to guarantee the mechanical resistance required for their use. Bags can also be produced and packaged to meet specific client requirements.

Highly versatile, they can be used for sanitary products (i.e. multipurpose paper towels, toilet tissue, paper napkins, etc.), or for food products (i.e. fruit and vegetables). They are also used to package distaff's in the textile industry, and in the agrifood sector.

Shoppers, food bags, bags with various types of closure systems and handles, advertising bags and much more besides. Industrial bags can be used for chemical products, and they can be produced with max. 8 colour prints and triple layer coextrusion. They are extensively used in the textile sector too, either as underpallets or packaging that can be printed in line with max. 3 colours.

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Capp Plast qualità garantita e certificata
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Capp Plast qualità garantita
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