Capp Plast solutions for bottles
The diversified extrusion-blowing, injection-blowing, stretch-blowing units adopted by the Florentine company in Capalle can be used with moulds containing max. 10 cavities and with various raw materials. The Food and Pharmaceutical Departments perform production processes in overpressure chambers to control contamination. The department's premises allocated to industrial production focus special care on bottles for the agrifood sector with production processes that are well known in the Oil and Wine sectors.

Highly versatile and especially used for cosmetics, these items are easy to open and close. The Dispenser Cap series is fitted with an internal dispenser closure system formed by an appropriately shaped bottle mouth. The raw materials used are PEHD, PETG and PETE. The bottles are available in various shapes and capacities (10 ml - 10 dl) with minimum 2g shot capacity and the option of silkscreen printing.

Vaporizers present a spray system that prevents accidental product leakage. The raw materials used are PEHD, PETG and PETE. Bottles can be produced in various capacities (min. 50 ml - max. 250 ml).

Medium and large containers (150 ml - 500 ml). Can be fitted with a cap. The dispenser ensures controlled product dispensing. Highly recommended for creamy products.

30 ml - 50 ml capacity. The product line numbers toiletries, vaporizers and dispensers. Designed for the single-dose market to guarantee pure contents and precise dosage to avoid product wastage.

Special advantages: the cap ensures air-tight sealing even after the jar has been opened in order to preserve the product intact. Made of PP/KOSTIL and PEHD. Available in concentrical shapes and various sizes (100 ml - 400 ml).

Designed for multiple purposes, items in this line are available in many shapes and sizes with various opening and dosage systems, numbering the dispenser. Made of PEHD, these items can also be produced with a 1800 ml capacity.

This line meets the demands of the pharmaceuticals sector in which cool, safe content storage is of the utmost importance. Also available in the single-dose models (10 ml - 20 ml) which, fitted with a cap, can become multidose. Bottles are made of PETG/PETE/PET/PEHD and PVC with max. 250 ml capacity.

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Capp Plast qualità garantita
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