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Capp Plast enables those who wish to either change or renew their storage unit collection to recycle their old storage units through our production facility to replace them with new ones. Materials obtained by the Group’s Regeneration Department are used to produce components and accessories, such as feet or other elements that can be assembled to the Injection Department’s large storage units. Always consistently with the recycling goals of their products, and especially of the large storage units, Capp Plast has never produced items containing other material (i.e. iron, wood, etc.), that would make it impossible to reutilise the regenerated material in an economically acceptable manner. The environmental impact of processing is practically non existent as the units’ cooling system makes use of water in a closed circuit, thus reducing its consumption and eliminating its dispersion in the environment. Focus on environmental issues and steady commitment on waste management have won the Capp Plast Group important legislative acknowledgments: in 1988 it obtained the authorisation of Florence’s Provincial Administration to manage polyethylene waste management on commission (with registration in AL n° 138 of the Register, Art.33, Ronchi Law – Protocol n° 11206/P) and the authorisation of the Ministry for the Environment, in the Tuscan regional section (registered as n° RRFI0714 in the national register of companies that perform waste management).

Capp-Plast s.r.l.

Registered Office

Via Galcianese, 107 G
59100 - PRATO
Tel: (0039) 0574.43.811(0039) 0574.43.811
Fax: (0039) 0574.37.734 / (0039) 0574.43.8153(0039) 0574.37.734 / (0039) 0574.43.8153

Sales and Exports Department and Production Facility

Via P.Nenni, 1 - 50013
Capalle (FI)
Tel: (0039) 055.873.1201(0039) 055.873.1201
Fax: (0039) 055.898.171(0039) 055.898.171

Sales Direction

Piazzale Arduino, 5
20149 - MILANO
Tel: (0039) 02.481.514.1(0039) 02.481.514.1
Fax: (0039) 02.480.122.26(0039) 02.480.122.26

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