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Quality Control Laboratory

Capp Plast’s goal involves all corporate positions and departments, and focuses on anticipating and managing all quality issues. This is why Capp Plast prides in a real Quality System that envisages many laboratory controls designed to ensure final product compliance with the client’s initial requests. Specifically, the Injection Department performs - in compliance with operational instructions – (press) load tests, (oven) aging tests and cracking (surfactant) studies, besides internal breakage/sealing and stacking tests to ensure product compliance. On arrival, all raw materials undergo the Melt Index test. The Bottles Department, as per its quality system regulations, performs top-load, profile, sealing, axial, aging, density and cap hook tests. The laboratory runs size control tests on every mould cavity and on every authorisation to start. The quality laboratory is also fitted with manufacturing equipment produced in the United States and allocated to the fizzy drinks' control system. On arrival raw materials undergo the Melt Index test. As prescribed by the quality system and requested by clients, the Flexible Packaging System runs withdrawal, friction, profile, laceration, load/stretching on breakage of Dard drops, DSC, microscopy tests in compliance with ASTM and in-company standards. On arrival the raw materials are checked with the Melt Index test. Checks are performed on various levels: - entrance tests, raw material tests. – Checks on production lines, both on production process management and on product implementation. – Downstream checks and on the final product’s technical and physical specifications. All checks are then recorded in the Quality Control Certificate, which remains at the client’s disposal

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Sales and Exports Department and Production Facility

Via P.Nenni, 1 - 50013
Capalle (FI)
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Sales Direction

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