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This website ("website") is offered by CAPP-PLAST ("CAPP-PLAST"). All users are bound to these terms of use, which must be carefully read before making use of the website.

These terms are subject to any future changes CAPP-PLAST may wish to implement. The user’s ongoing use of this website even after any changes have been introduced confirms acceptance of the new terms. If you do not agree either with these terms or with future terms, please refrain from using the website and do not download any document from the same. CAPP-PLAST may terminate, change, suspend or stop offering a website feature, including any feature availability at any time.

CAPP-PLAST may withdraw, edit or change this website’s contents - including third party content - as it pleases. CAPP-PLAST may either enforce limits to certain features and services, or limit access to either part of the website or the whole of it, with neither prior notice nor liabilities. CAPP-PLAST can prevent the user from using the website at any time and for any reason, at its sole discretion.

All content provided on this website, including drawings, text, software, technical drawings, configurations, graphs or other files and their choice and arrangement ("Content") are either protected by Copyright © 2008 CAPP-PLAST ("Copyright CAPP-PLAST"), or are the exclusive property of CAPP-PLAST, its branches or subsidiaries, and/or licensees. All rights reserved. The Content (both total and partial) cannot be edited or copied in any way and with no media whatsoever, without CAPP-PLAST’s prior written authorisation. Contents can be downloaded and printed for non competitive use that envisages no attacks on CAPP-PLAST, on the understanding that both copyright notices and other proprietary notices will always apply. We wish to remind you that this limited consent can be withdrawn at any time, and that it neither comprises the authorisation to publish new contents on any other website, Intranet or Extranet site, nor to integrate information in other databases or data lists. All other use of the contents is absolutely forbidden. The user also accepts not to extract, collect or systematically tap, with electronic or other media, any data or data fields on this website, including client identity, without limitations. If you deem that any material for which you possess copyright ownership has been improperly used on this website, please contact CAPP-PLAST.

All this website’s commercial trademarks are commercial or registered trademarks of CAPP-PLAST, its branches, subsidiaries or licensees. It is forbidden to either entirely or partly copy, forge or use these commercial trademarks without CAPP-PLAST’s prior written consent. All page headers, customised plots, button icons and scripts are service and commercial trademarks and/or sales ornaments owned by either CAPP-PLAST or its branches, and it is forbidden to either entirely or partly copy, forge or use them without CAPP-PLAST’s prior written consent. Other commercial, registered trademarks, product names, corporate names or logos, if any, displayed on the website are the property of their respective owners. If you deem that your commercial trademarks have been used inappropriately on this website, please contact CAPP-PLAST.

Moreover, if you wish to use a CAPP logo or commercial trademark in compliance with these “Terms of Use”, please contact CAPP-PLAST.

Some CAPP-PLAST products are either protected by one or more patents or may contain commercial secrets. CAPP-PLAST reserves all rights concerning these patents and commercial secrets. No provisions in these Terms of Use imply even implicitly the transmission or concession of patent rights. The user undertakes not to violate these rights and not to decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any CAPP-PLAST products or procedures.

The entire software, including files or images generated by the software, its accompanying codes and data (called "Software" in their entirety) adopted on this website can be used by the user for the sole purpose of accessing the website and using it, as long as this use envisages neither competition nor an attack against CAPP-PLAST and as long as it complies with the goals clearly defined on the website. CAPP-PLAST entirely possesses the title or licence of all intellectual property rights on the Software.

During the website’s use, the user and CAPP-PLAST undertake:

- not to interrupt or interfere with the website’s safety;
- not to interrupt or interfere with services, system resources or accounts on servers or networks that are either linked to the website or accessible through the same;
- not to interrupt or interfere with the website’s use on the part of other users;
- not to load, introduce, or transmit in any way any virus or other damaging, destructive files over the website;
- to neither change nor edit any information or Conten offered on this website or through it;
- to neither use nor attempt to use others’ accounts, service or system without CAPP-PLAST’s prior authorisation nor to either generate or use a false identity on this website;
- not to transmit through this website undesired advertisements, chain messages, junk mail or any other unrequested large mail to either people or parties that have refused to be the addressees of such mail;
- not to divulge their username or password to others, both online and offline;
- not to seek unauthorised access to the website or to parts of it that are disabled to general access.

Save other agreements made by CAPP-PLAST in writing, the user accepts that any notice or information transmitted to anyone through the website, including - with no limits - questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, plans, notices, account information or other material, data or information (called “Information" in their entirety), will not be confidential, and once this information is transmitted to CAPP-PLAST by e-mail or other media, the user grants CAPP-PLAST an irrevocable, non exclusive, copyright free license to use this information on any IT medium, in compliance with its Privacy Policy.

The user realises and accepts the fact that CAPP-PLAST can acquire, use and reveal data collected during relations between CAPP-PLAST and the user, as envisaged by the Privacy Policy published on this website for reference, and entirely quoted in these Terms of Use. The privacy policy may change in the future; hence, the user is kindly requested to check it on a regular basis.

It is confirmed that the Contents published on the website are precise. The user is, anyhow, requested to evaluate the accuracy of the information and its usefulness for his requirements. Products and services are subject to change without forewarning.

All links to this website must be approved in writing by CAPP-PLAST which, anyhow, authorises them when:

- the link is all text containing only the website’s homepage header;
- the link "marks" only the website’s homepage and not other pages;
- the link indicates the website’s main page full screen, specifically, not inside either a "frame" or box on the linked website;
- image, position and other link elements do not convey a false idea that a company, its business or associated products are sponsored by CAPP-PLAST, its branches or subsidiaries.

CAPP-PLAST reserves the right to withdraw its consent to the link at any time, at its total discretion.

This website may contain material, data or information provided, announced or offered by third parties. The user accepts the fact that neither CAPP-PLAST nor its branches will be responsible in any way towards him/her for third party material, data or information. The user’s use of third party content may even be subject to the supplier’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. CAPP-PLAST does not verify, confirm or guarantee third party content published on its website. CAPP-PLAST is not responsible for the delivery or quality of either goods or services sold, advertised or supplied by third parties on its website or in any other website. If the user deems that any third party content violates his ownership rights, he is kindly requested to contact CAPP-PLAST.

This website and its contents are available "as they stand" and "depending on availability", and they are published only for informative purposes. The user expressly accepts to use this website and/or its content under his responsibility and at his own risk.

As far as possible, in compliance with the applicable law, and save other written agreements, CAPP-PLAST, its branches and subsidiaries reject all express or implicit guarantee.

The user expressly accepts the fact that the use of this website, including the use of its contents, data or software distributed on the website, downloaded from the website or consulted on the website, is entirely performed under his/her responsibility and at his/her own risk.

The user accepts the fact that CAPP-PLAST does not control information, products or services offered by third parties on this website. Save other written agreements, CAPP-PLAST and its branches will neither be responsible for nor offer any guarantee or statement on the precision, validity, exhaustiveness, reliability or usefulness of any consultation, opinion, statement or other content, product or service either distributed or supplied by third parties.

CAPP-PLAST does not guarantee that either this website or its contents will meet user requirements, nor that either the website or its contents will remain steadily updated, safe or error-free, nor that defects, if any, will be corrected. CAPP-PLAST does not guarantee any results obtained from the use of this website or its contents, nor the precision, exhaustiveness or reliability of information obtained from the website.

CAPP-PLAST takes no responsibility for damage, either direct, indirect, accidental or subsequent, suffered by the user, including - without limits - the loss of data due to delays, failure to deliver either content or e-mail, errors, system down times, content or e-mail delivery errors, network or system errors, or service interruptions due to the negligence of CAPP-PLAST, its branches, subsidiaries or licensees or due to user errors and/or omissions. Save other written agreements and on the basis of its privacy policy, CAPP-PLAST rejects all guarantees or statements that information confidentiality will be maintained on the website.

The user is not automatically guaranteed a consultation or information, either oral or written, from CAPP-PLAST or on the website, unless it was expressly authorised in writing.

Save other express written agreements, in no case will CAPP-PLAST, its branches or subsidiaries, executives, councillors, employees or suppliers be responsible for damage, either direct, indirect, accidental, special or subsequent to or related with the use of or the impossibility to use this website or its contents or services, including - without limits - damage to profit, interrupted business, loss of programmes and data, even if CAPP-PLAST was expressly informed about the said damage. The parties accept that this is a reasonable part of the risk.

Applicable Law.

These Terms of Use will be subject to and interpreted by Italian Law. The user accepts the sole personal jurisdiction of Italian Law Courts.Understood that the terms of all other agreements signed by CAPP-PLAST concerning materials and services acquired through this website still apply, these Terms of Use represent the complete agreement between the user and CAPP-PLAST, which regulates his/her use of this website. If some of these provisions should prove to be invalid or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, they may be separated from the said Terms, while the remaining provisions will be applied. The user accepts that any complaint resulting from or related to these Terms of Use or to the user’s use of the website must be presented latest one year after the event; otherwise it will be permanently excluded.

Moreover, the user accepts to be the sole person responsible for the actions and communications either created or transmitted through his account, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations - local, public, national and international - concerning this website’s use or activities. The website is under Italian state control. If the user is accessing the website from a location outside the Italian state and his/her laws forbid him/her to do so, please refrain from either accessing or making use of the website.

Privacy Policy.

CAPP-PLAST respects the user’s right to privacy, and the right to check how his/her personal data or corporate data is divulged. The Privacy Policy establishes that all user information will be acquired by CAPP-PLAST’s website ( >), the use made of the information provided and how users may access the information provided. This Privacy Policy could change in the future; hence, you are kindly requested to check it on a regular basis.

Anonymous website browsing

CAPP-PLAST’s website may be visited without revealing user identity or other personal information, not even the e-mail address. However, in such cases our Web servers may detect information on the dominion name used to access the Internet, its website of origin and the next website visited. This information can be collected to record the number of visits to the website, each visit’s mean duration, the pages visited and other statistics concerning website visitors. Such data may even be used to control website performance in order to improve it to ensure easy, convenient use.

Personal information

When a user visits our website, we collect certain technical and routing information on his computer to facilitate use of the website. For instance, we can record some environment variables like the type of browser, operating system and CPU speed, besides the Internet Protocol address (>) of the user's Internet Provider to provide quality service. We can also record search requests and related results to guarantee our search engine's precision and efficiency. The user's IP address can be used to monitor his use of the website. CAPP-PLAST can compare this data with other information provided by the user.

If you decide to select the option of contacting CAPP-PLAST, the user will be requested to provide some essential data on the same and/or his company, such as, for instance, name, duties, or e-mail address. This information will allow us to offer certain services and information to ensure highly productive relations with the user. We can also acquire more user information when he/she send us remarks or participates in surveys.

If you supply personal data or information on other people or companies, please make sure that they are aware of our Privacy Policy.

CAPP-PLAST will make the effort to use appropriate user data protection tools. We request other parties with whom we share our information to also ensure adequate safety measures. When the user supplies information, we can share it within CAPP-PLAST, with our branches and subsidiaries. We can also generate general statistics on our clients, on sales, on traffic settings and on services, and we can transmit these statistics to third parties; however, when we do so, these statistics will contain no personal information that will enable the user's identification.

CAPP-PLAST can even transmit user information to third parties if, in good faith, it deems it a legal obligation to do so or for legal proceedings, to face claims or defend rights, assets or safety of either CAPP-PLAST or others.

When the user provides information and data, he must understand and accept the fact that CAPP-PLAST can collect, use and transmit his/her personal data for sales and marketing purposes, and that CAPP-PLAST can divulge this information (in compliance with the terms of this Privacy Policy) within the company, its branches and subsidiaries. This information and data can be stored on servers located outside the company’s jurisdiction of residence.

The user is kindly requested to contact CAPP-PLAST to either edit or check personal identification information from the same, and for any clarifications required about information at our disposal.

CAPP-PLAST reserves the right to either change or enforce its Privacy Policy at any time; hence, we request the user to check the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

Please contact CAPP-PLAST for further clarifications about its website Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

Capp-Plast s.r.l.

Registered Office

Via Galcianese, 107 G
59100 - PRATO
Tel: (0039) 0574.43.811(0039) 0574.43.811
Fax: (0039) 0574.37.734 / (0039) 0574.43.8153(0039) 0574.37.734 / (0039) 0574.43.8153

Sales and Exports Department and Production Facility

Via P.Nenni, 1 - 50013
Capalle (FI)
Tel: (0039) 055.873.1201(0039) 055.873.1201
Fax: (0039) 055.898.171(0039) 055.898.171

Sales Direction

Piazzale Arduino, 5
20149 - MILANO
Tel: (0039) 02.481.514.1(0039) 02.481.514.1
Fax: (0039) 02.480.122.26(0039) 02.480.122.26

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